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A new Canadian report today states that while Apple remains the most popular smartphone choice in Canada, Samsung is closing the gap as the second ranking brand, according to Ipsos Reid's Mobil-ology study conducted in August 2013. While 33% of Canadians use an iPhone, 29% now use a Samsung device. Samsung has tripled its market share in Canada in the past two years. Samsung's market share in Canada stood at a meager 5% in early 2011.


Mary Beth Barbour, Senior Vice President with Ipsos Reid said in a statement that "We've seen a strong surge from Samsung and its line of Galaxy products, which are giving Apple a run for the top spot in Canada's mobile device market. Apple remains the top brand in both the Smartphone and the Tablet market, but in both spaces, they appear to have plateaued. Samsung, however, is gaining and is closing the gap in the Smartphone market."


Apple's current iPhone line-up may boost their lead in Canada over the holiday season.


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