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In July we reported on a rumor that Apple was going to make a huge shift to IGZO displays in 2014. Sharp announced earlier this month that they were producing IGZO display for notebooks and today they're announcing that volume production for IGZO based smartphone displays will begin before the end of the year at their Kameyama Plant number 2.

According to the foreign report, Sharp spokesman stated that "Using 8G glass substrates, Sharp will be the first company in the world to achieve commercial production of high-definition LCD panels for smartphones."


The highly efficient production levels achievable with 8G glass substrates will be made possible by an optimized production process as well as by IGZO technology's ability to enable smaller thin-film transistors and increased light transmittance.


Sharp also stated that it will continue to expand the range of applications of IGZO in products such as tablets, notebooks, and Ultra HD displays.


The ramp up of IGZO capabilities for 2014 fully supports the rumor that began in July. Sharp is a major Apple supplier of displays.


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I doubt that Samsung owning 3% of Sharp means that they'll get any say in strategic planning or marketing direction.

Doesn't Samsung own a portion of Sharp?

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