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According to sources within Apple's supply chain, they're preparing 10 million units of the iPad 9.7-inch for the fourth quarter holiday season which quietly began in the third quarter.

The next-generation 9.7-inch iPad is expected to come with IPS panels supplied by LG Display, Samsung Display and Sharp, with LG responsible for 70% of shipments, Samsung 20% and Sharp 10%.


In terms of the touch panels, the next generation iPad will have GF2 (glass/film dual ITO) technology that will be supplied mostly by Japan-based Nitto Denko and Nissha Printing. According a DisplaySearch report, Apple owns the patents for DITO (dual ITO) touch structure.


While selling 10 million of the new iPad's in Q4 may be lower than Apple's 14 million sold in Q4 2012, the rise in iPad mini sales will more than make up for slight downtick.


In other news from Taiwan, Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET), one of the three largest mobile telecom carriers in Taiwan, has indicated that 70-80% of iPhone pre-orders so far indicated that the iPhone 5S is the winner with the vast majority of orders, with the gold model being the most popular of all.


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