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Apple may use Sony's 16MP Sensor for iPhone 6 Camera

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If the iFixit iPhone 5S teardown information in step 10 is correct concerning the iSight camera using an 8 MP CMOS image sensor from Sony, then there's a good chance that the iPhone 6 will likewise adopt Sony's next generation 16 MP in 2014.

A new report by South Korea's etnews states that "Samsung Electronics' System LSI Division and Sony will compete in the 16 million pixel complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor market for smartphones.


2. Sony 16 MP Camera for 2014

Samsung's Galaxy S5 due in the first half of 2014 will be adopting a 16 MP camera. Samsung is scheduled to start a sample test for the 16 million pixel camera module as early as the beginning of next month and to select key parts suppliers before the yearend.


Sony is likely to supply Apple with the new sensors for next year's iPhone 6, though final testing has yet to be completed.

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There is always the GREAT upcoming Samsung device for you to purchase IF Apple ends up disappointing you. You know the one that might be metal instead of plastic. Or the one that might have a working 64-bit microprocessor instead of a 32-bit microprocessor for the US and a different one for the rest of the world because... Or the one that might have a working fingerprint scanner if it's suppliers can get it right this time. Or the one with a retina scanner if it's suppliers can get it right in time. Or the one that will have wireless charging if... Or the one that has a newer flexible inflexible display. Or the one that will let you choose the resolution for photo taking. Or the one that... Oh wait, you would have to purchase multiple phones since that company does not seem able to put working technologies in one phone. Well, at least you be would happy.

I hope Apple will let us pick the resolution of photo taking. Otherwise, 64GB iPhone will not be enough.

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