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Wild speculation hit the Taiwan Stock Exchange today with rumors that notebook maker Wistron has secured orders from Apple concerning communication devices such as Apple's "smartphones and tablets.

The report stated that the buying of Wistron shares reflected optimism that the business link with Apple will offset the impact from falling demand for notebooks and strengthen Wistron's bottom line. 


Taiwan's Hua Nan Securities analyst Kevin Su stated that "The plan unveiled by Wistron to expand production capacity at a plant in China renewed hopes that the company is prepared to handle orders from Apple,"


DigiTimes notes that Wistron is building additional capacity at its plant in Kunshan, China. Rumors in the IT market indicate that Wistron and Compal Communications will be new suppliers for Apple's iPhone and iPad, respectively, and will start supplying products to Apple in 2014. Wistron and Compal Communications both declined to comment about clients or orders.


The current rumors, while interesting to note, are slightly overshadowed by Wistron's need to boost their stock price in light of a recent down draft due to falling notebook orders.


Then again, Wistron's announcement that they'll be building an extension to their Kunshan plant in 2014 to the tune of $US 97 million is definitely a sign that they've secured orders from someone to justify their expansion.


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