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1. Cover - HTC Scrambles to show off Upcoming Gold Color Phone Option
When the news of Apple's new iPhone 5S color option of champagne gold was on the way, there was a lot of buzz. It was expected that Samsung would scurry to copy Apple's new hot color, but now HTC wants to join in the copycat-craze. They went into high gear to flood the blogosphere with HTC One photos of the new gold color shell. Earlier this Week, Samsung couldn't stand that Apple beat them to market with 64-bit versions of their A7 chip and operating system iOS 7. Samsung's mobile chief J.K. Shin rushed to the press to state that his company also has a 64-bit chip in the pipeline. For some of us, this is becoming hilariously familiar. 

John Paczkowski of AllThingsD smartly added yesterday that "Apple clearly has the jump on the industry here, not simply because it has built the first 64-bit smartphone, but because it has designed iOS 7 to support a 64-bit chip. Google hasn't yet transitioned Android to 64-bit. Until it does, it makes little sense for Samsung to build a 64-bit phone."


Thanks for that John. It's just proof that this psychopathic copycat just can't help themselves in making sure that the press knows that they'll copy anything Apple makes very quickly, even when they know that they can't deliver it. It's just a game of  marketing baloney. Once again, Samsung continues to equate fast copying as being innovative. The more they do it, the dumber they look.


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Marc Driftmeyer

What's even more pathetic is Wall Street projecting shortages [under the auspices of reliable sources] to drive down the price of the stock, while completely ignoring the Japanese and Chinese expansions.

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