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More than a Year Away, the First iWatch Rumor Surfaces

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A crazy rumor is already surfacing that Apple's preparation for their late 2014 smartwatch is running into an early snag. The rumors emanating from the Taiwan supply chain is that Apple's upcoming iWatch is reportedly suffering from low-yield-rate problems. The rumors are claiming that the upstream supply chain is only able to supply 30-40% of the original order volumes. Of course being more than a year away, the rumor mill noise isn't much to worry about. Apple is likely to find solutions to keep the iWatch-like product on track. Who knew that iWatch rumors would start this early?

According to the rumor, the iWatch is being built using powder metallurgy technology and then processed by CNC equipment. Apple's iWatch design is reportedly very thin and light which will pose a great challenge to the device's chassis suppliers as well as related component makers and back-end process service providers.


Apple is expected to release the iWatch in the second half of 2014 with prices between US$149-229. While it's a little too early to be confirming who will be granted orders to make the final iWatch, the rumor is suggesting that Inventec and Quanta Computer may be the winners of Apple contracts. Time will tell. 


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