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In April when the mainstream press was falling over themselves to proclaim Samsung as the next digital messiah, we boldly questioned Samsung's S4 success in our report titled "Is Samsung's Galaxy S4 Really Selling Off-the-Chart or are they Just Playing a Marketing Game?" In our follow-up report in June, we reported on the reality of the Galaxy S4's false hype with Samsung having to embarrassingly revising their Galaxy S4 sales down from their lofty expectations. Last month Samsung wound up their hype for their upcoming Galaxy Note 3 and digital wristwatch called Gear. But their hype for the Note 3 is already crashing before it ever hits the market.

This morning the Korean Press is already raining on the Galaxy Note 3's parade and chance for success. Firstly they're clamoring about the fact that the crackdown on subsidy payments is making the market sluggish – so it could hurt the sales of the Galaxy Note 3.


Secondly, while noting that Samsung anticipates that the Note 3 will make up for the weak performance of the Galaxy S4, the Korean press see's otherwise. According to their report, "The market response is not as good, either. The three common carriers received Galaxy Note 3 service prescriptions from the 11th to the 15th and the result was rather disappointing."


The report added that "In general, a product is publicized actively to increase sales effects following its release if the result of subscription sale is good. However, Samsung Electronics is not disclosing the amount of subscription sale for Galaxy Note 3. The report added that a common carrier insider stated that "the subscription sale of Galaxy Note 3 did not create a great sensation."


With Apple's iPhones selling through the roof in their opening weekend sales, the copycat OEM is panicking to get back on track after their disastrous Galaxy S4 launch – and it doesn't look as if their Galaxy Note 3 will save the day.


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