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After years of planning what promises to be Silicon Valley's most iconic landmark, Apple this week enters the final stretch in its plan to open its new saucer-shaped headquarters in Cupertino. On Tuesday afternoon, the company and city officials will hold a public discussion that could help determine the building's fate, allowing political leaders and the public to weigh in on the completed environmental impact study and learn how Apple intends to address concerns that have been raised. The excitement is growing.

Mercury news states that "If the plan is approved by the planning commission, which meets on Wednesday, and by the City Council, which takes an initial vote Oct. 15 and a final vote Nov. 19, city officials say demolition of a former Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) campus on the site could be underway by year's end.


Mayor Orrin Mahoney stated that a detailed model of the headquarters will be unveiled to the public in the coming weeks, showing how expansive and impressive Foster's strange-looking creation really is. Amenities include three restaurants, totaling 120,000 square feet, along with a corporate auditorium of 120,000 square feet, fitness centers and a large testing-and-data center."


A Look Back at the 2011 Presentation to the Cupertino City Council by the Late Steve Jobs



For the official times and dates relating to Apple Campus 2 Project Update, see the Cupertino's City Councils' webpage.


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Cupertino City Council via San Jose Mercury News


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