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1. Apple Event Planned for China
The Chinese press has received invitations to an Apple iPhone Event set for 10AM in Beijing on September 11. This will mark the first time that Apple has held such an iPhone event for another country. This is definitely a sign of respect to hold such an event for the Chinese market and may be the time to officially announce a new deal with Mobile China. A combined announcement of a deal with Mobile China and the debut of the new iPhone 5C will definitely be a reason to release a few balloons and crack the bubbly. Hmm, I wonder if the bubbly Champagne would have anything to do with Apple's new iPhone color being a sign of celebration. Time will tell.

The good news continues today as DigiTimes is reporting that component makers in the Nexus 7 supply chain are worried they may see a large decrease in orders from Google in the fourth quarter of 2013 due to lower-than-expected sales during the third quarter, according to industry sources.


Meanwhile, market observers said consumers have recently been complaining about the device's GPS capabilities as well as its touch screen sensitivity, which may also be linked to expected shipment declines for the device in the fourth quarter.


With Apple ramping up for their two special iPhone events in September and Google's Nexus seen as a huge flop, the day is shaping up quite nicely.


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