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On Monday we posted a report titled "Apple Passing on a larger iPhone Display still a Head Scratcher." We stated at that time that the "The mystery behind Apple's unwillingness to provide their fan base with a larger iPhone display option at this point in time is really a head scratcher. I can't figure it out whether there's real logic behind their madness or if it's simply a matter of arrogance and hard headiness. We understand that Apple missed out on this larger trend last year but have a harder time understanding it a year later." Our report pointed to LG's patent using a larger smartphone display as a mobile TV. Well, I guess the timing of our report was bang on. Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is indeed investigating iPhones with larger displays.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting late this afternoon that Apple "has begun evaluating a plan to offer iPhones with screens ranging from 4.8 inches to as high as 6 inches. That would be a sizable leap from the 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5 released last year, and, at the upper end, would be one of the largest on the market."


They further report that "people familiar with the company's internal deliberations and plans indicate it appears more willing to move ahead than in years past. Component suppliers say Apple already began testing larger screens for iPhones in recent months. Apple has been particularly interested in recent tests for a 4.8-inch screen, these people say.


In May of this year we posted a report titled "There's a Business Case to be made for an Economical iPhone," way before there was word of an iPhone 5C. It was a strong case and one that will now play out.


The same could be said for an iPhone with a larger display as we presented on Monday. While it's still speculative, having the Wall Street Journal weigh in with their sources about a larger display for a future iPhone provides a measure of credibility to that possibility - and that's great to hear.


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Greg, I am looking forward to seeing who the display suppliers are when Apple does finally start the manufacturing ball rolling on larger iPhones. We can return to these replies at that time. :-)))


This is my interpretation of what Tim Cook said, based on the evidence that the HTC One (has very few compromises made). HTC is able to do it, but Apple can't or won't right now.

Granted, I have used both devices at length. I must say that apple is falling behind the curve on hardware updates, because it wants to have a better bottom line, or because it is stagnant.

Still, I prefer the stability of iOS (jailbreak preferred). If they released a bigger screen with the 5S I would probably come back. Nevertheless, Apple provides no such alternative for users like me.

Current estimates are that through the December holiday roughly 80-85% of all smartphones sold in the world will be in the 4.7-5.X inch category.


Please stop with the sheep crap. If anyone is a bigger sheep it is the most of the android community. They all say the same things. That is why even though I purchased an HTC One, I have learned to stay away from the (android) forums. They used hateful terms to me, and said I need a poltergeist to fix some bugs I was having with my phone software.

While tend to agree with you on the screen size. I think the problem is this. HTC was able to build it with the One. True the android software isn't quite there yet, but the very fact that HTC was able to do it, and Apple isn't- should worry at least the Apple CEO's.

I will tell you this, if you want the larger screen- put your money there. I have. My iPhone stays at home.


The iPad Mini sells more because of its price.

If Apple is in the business of making cheaper phone with bigger display than there's no question that's a viable move. It's not a hard thing to do when you can find Android phone with 5" display for $200 (http://www.tinydeal.com/5-px1qna2-p-104146.html). But I don't think that's how Apple approach its business model- Steve Jobs or not.

If you need a 5" phone why not get the soon to be released Nexus 5 or the already available Galaxy S4. Even as a Apple fan I would, if the need is strong enough, jump to another platform. I wouldn't use word like "silly cult" or "sheep" if you tend to be on the hypocritical side of thing.


Really? "The iPhone 5 gave Apple more than enough proof a larger display will sell well to its customers." They couldn't figure that out otherwise?

You keep harping on suppliers. Believe me, suppliers will fall over themselves to get Apple's display business regardless of size. Any supplier working to supply Apple displays for the iPhone 5S will be able to readjust to a larger display size.

Lastly, you put way too much trust in what Apple execs say. They thought a smaller iPad was ludicrous. Now the iPad mini outsells the larger iPad. Apple said no to developing a phone. Steve Jobs thought that the cloud was dreamers.

Imagine, journalists ignoring what Apple said. What a concept. Perhaps Apple should open a propaganda division to feed Apple fanatics like you the news you want to hear.

Apple is a company, not a religion and quoting Apple execs as you would bible verses is really juvenile.


Thankfully, Apple is not providing a larger display just to keep up with other companies. Apple is researching and developing the best technology it can develop and provide to its customers. And yes, Apple's customers are ready to try a larger sized display. The iPhone 5 gave Apple more than enough proof a larger display will sell well to its customers.

A major weak link in providing larger displays is the suppliers. Will they be able to produce displays at the quality AND quantity levels a Apple requires?

What boggles my mind is how journalists and bloggers totally ignore what Tim Cook says in multple attempts to put Apple in a bad light. For example, Tim answered a question LAST YEAR that Apple would not provide a larger display BEFORE limitations were resolved (paraphrasing).

After the interview, Apple HIRED at least one high profile display specialist who knew a lot about solving the display limitations Tim spoke about.

Now, nearly a year later, the WSJ rag writes Apple has started to investigate larger sized displays while absolutely ignoring statements AND actions made by Tim and Apple last year.


Look, the iPad mini's display isn't Retina quality today and it's a hot seller. All I hear is silly cult like responses. I hate to agree with Samsung but you guys are really sheep buying into being left behind the curve. And, you're hypocrites. What will you say when Apple does debut a larger display for the iPhone 6? Do you need them to spoon feed you with what is acceptable? It's not acceptable that Apple is sticking to a size that for the sake of profits alone. They can do it and will do it. I've waited too long already and will buy the best 5 inch I can find this Christmas. I won't be alone.


I think the issue is that by adopting larger display, there's also the need for Apple to double the current resolution to 2272*1280. To limit any possible fragmentation Apple unlike Android can't simply adopt the standard 1080p. Of course, it could keep the current 1136*640 but on a larger 4.8-5" display, the pixel density will be end up being non-retina (270 ppi for 4.8"). There's also the added requirement for more efficient yet powerful SoC (14nm instead of the current 28-32nm) etc in order to drive that many pixels.

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