Apple Celebrates Adoption Rate of new iOS 7 Being Historic
Apple Granted 36 Patents today covering a Strange iPhone Home Button Design, Signature Capturing for Documents & more

Apple Chosen as the Number One Brand in the UK, Again

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Today, Apple hailed the adoption rate of their new iOS 7 as being historic. The positive news continues with Britain's "CoolBrands" having chosen Apple once again as the coolest brand in the UK amongst 10,000 brands. Others on the list included Aston Martin, Virgin Atlantic, Bang & Olufsen and Google coming in at a distant fifth. 

The report states that "CoolBrands said that this year's swing to luxury brands represented a correlation with the reviving British economy."


Chairman of the CoolBrands Council, Stephen Cheliotis noted that while Apple remained number one this year, it's debatable of how long it can hold this position in the face of an increasingly competitive set of rivals."


For now, the result of Apple being voted number one again stands for itself besides the one sourpuss in the group.


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