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According to Taiwan's Apple Daily Newspaper, Apple has granted Quanta and Inventec orders for Apples iWatch for release in 2014. The report is relying on a research note by CIMB Securities analyst Wanli Wang bry who stated that "From our channel checks, Inventec is the major assembly source for 'iWatch', with about 60% of order allocation."

The rumor goes as far as to forecast that "CIMB projects 63.4 million units of 'iWatch' shipments in the year after its launch with an average price of around $199, while the "iWatch" project is estimated to contribute 19% of Inventec's earnings in 2014."


In my view the rumor's evidence is weak if not laughable, but that's the rumor making the rounds in Asia today. I think the supposed price of $199 is the fact that I don't buy into at all. Maybe it's just me. What are thoughts on this wild rumor? Send in your comments below.


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Yes agreed, it's not true and baseless. However Apple has been planning for TV for ages..

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