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With the next round of new smartphone launches just around the corner, we're beginning to hear more leaked information from all of the players as a way to get their fan bases excited. For instance, the Korean press is now trying to pump up Samsung's surprise launch of a 16 MP camera next Wednesday at both Berlin and New York events. But now there's a new leak from Tokyo that states that Sony will better that with a new 20 MP camera for their upcoming Xperia Z1 debuting next week at the same tradeshow that Samsung will be attending. While it's been rumored that Apple will be introducing a new 13 MP camera for their next iPhone, the latest rumor is now suggesting that Apple has a more advanced "wow" camera feature on tap when it debuts in September. 

The rumor is coming from Fox News co-host Clayton Morris who is citing sources that say that Apple's next high-end iPhone will sport a new high end motion tracking sensor in the camera that will support a new gesture control feature.


Interestingly enough, this kind of feature was first introduced in an Apple patent filing in February 2010. Apple revisited this technology again in May 2013. So it's not like this rumor is too wild an idea. While I'm not a fan of Fox News in any way, this rumor did get my attention as plausible. We'll know in a few weeks if it pans out.


2. Apple patent filing for backside Camera gesture controls

While rumors are usually unpredictable, the features supposedly lining up for the next iPhone are starting to add up nicely. We may see a fingerprint sensor/scanner, a new iWallet app, new backside gesture controls, dual-LED flash with wide aperture for taking high quality shots in low light, a CPU that will offer 31% more power and a new Gold Champaign color for the iPhone. Not bad for rumors.


The only gaping hole in Apple's next iPhone list of features will be a 5" display which will continually drive many consumers to their competition where 4.7 to 6 inch alternatives will be abundant this fall.


For the Apple faithful, Apple's line-up of new features will be too tempting to pass on. Yet others will patiently wait until the iPhone finally moves to larger display that's likely to debut in 2014.


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Go to a Best Buy store and watch which phones teenagers are looking at. It's the Galaxy with the larger display. I know that some kids and women prefer smaller phones, but most guys like the larger displays. You could justify Apple's moves all you want and it won't change reality. The larger display is more popular than you think, especially outside the US.

iPhone sales will do very well without having a large display. Although I'm sure a fair number of consumers like large displays there's no proof that most consumers do. Apple really has quite a disadvantage of battery capacity in the iPhone compared with the larger Android smartphones.

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