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Samsung smartphones have had oblong styled home buttons or even iconic Android styled home buttons. Yet the copycat designer just can't help themselves. They want to mimic Apple's home style button to blur the design lines. It's a classic psychopathic copycat trait. I'm sure that their designers twitch if the designs aren't close enough to Apple's. But the Korean company is celebrating today because their round home button design slipped past the US patent Office with ease.

The current and typical Home Button Designs from Samsung are as noted below.


2. Oblong buttons or icons, but no round home button

The shift in home button styling is noted below in Samsung's latest design patent. It's their first round home button to mimic Apple's long standing design. The round home button is an iDevice classic design and Samsung is likely to use it so as to further blur the design form factor to appeal to new customers, especially outside the US.


3. Samsung design patent with round home button

In the end it matters little, yet it continues to verify that this psychopathic copycat designer just can't help themselves. It all goes back to Samsung's sense of crisis of not knowing what direction to take their company and who to follow next. I'm sure they can't wait for Apple to break ground on next generation digital devices and wearable computers so that their team can relax and get back to their copying business; because without it, they're simply lost.


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And yet there are still people excusing Samesung's actions.

This is it.
This is what matters.
An increase in market share.
How it confuses market analysts.
When we can't imagine
What customers might like,
We assemble variety,
We iterate.

How many models can we build?
Will customers buy any of them?
Will they just sit on store shelves?
If Apple is busy inventing something,
Why innovate anything?

We don't believe in invention.
Or disruption.
There are a thousand variations
Of every model.
We spend most of our time
Copying a few great products.
Until every version we ship
Fills every store shelf.

We're engineers and industrialists.
Craftsmen and copycats.
We ship the most phones.

You may seldom use them,
But as long as we ship them,
It means we're winning.

Cloned by SameDung in Korea

I think that Apple should buy some more start-ups. In my opinion that is where the innovation is, people pursue their crazy dreams.

It's called building on others successes. They and google have copied well. Apple needs to speed up innovation and surprise them with product releases.

I understand they have copied Google Glass. Their reverse engineers have been spotted wearing something they call Goggles. The inspiration came from a team member who lost an eye. He now sports a glass one, except on "inspiration days". On those days he keeps an "eye out" for new ideas.

Samsung will be the first to showcase bendable wearable devices for production.

What a pathetic company. No honor at all.

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