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Is Apple's Aggressive Trade-In Program still on Track?

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In early June we reported that a "New Aggressive Trade-In Program for iPhone may be Brewing." The report at that time stated that Apple was going to team up with Brightstar Corp, a mobile phone distributor that runs similar trade-in programs for carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, to handle exchanges. Today a new rumor confirms that the program is still on track and likely to be launched in September. 

According to MacRumors, several sources are claiming that "Apple is indeed beginning to prepare its store employees for the program. Apple has reportedly sent materials to its stores to support the initiative, while the first line of store trainers will be receiving instruction about the program today. Those trainers will then begin training other store employees next week ahead of a program launch."


MacRumors surmises that the program should be announced during Apple's iPhone event. As rumors go, MacRumors reports on yet another one that claims that the next iPhone could be offered in a new 'Graphite' color scheme. Heck, while Apple is supposedly stamping out new iPhone color schemes, why not cool copper? Being that it's a rumor, who knows? Do have a favorite color not yet revealed? Send in what you'd like to see in a future iPhone.


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I believe that Brightstar no longer runs T-Mobile's trade in program.

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