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In the last month Apple has acquired HopStop, Embark, and Today you can add AlgoTrim to that list. The Swedish AlgoTrim develops advanced solutions designed to deliver high performance with small memory requirements for mobile devices and particularly smartphones using multi-core ARM processors.

According to Rapidus who broke the story, all of AlgoTrims shares were acquired by the anonymous Delaware-based holding company Wedgwood Industries LCC back in February 2013. But according to solid information revealed to Rapidus, Apple was the real buyer behind the deal.


Rapidus adds that "Anders Holtsberg, head of software development at AlgoTrim, recently moved to Silicon Valley, a mere 15 minute car ride from Apples headquarters in Cupertino. When Rapidus calls him via Apples central switchboard, he confirms that he is now working for Apple but declines to comment any further. Anders Holtsberg, former CEO of AlgoTrim, is also very taciturn."


Technically, Apple purchased the company in Q1 2013 and the news of it has only come to light today. 


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