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Samsung: Apple loves me, they love me not; they love me, but not too much. Rumors are sometimes useless, sometimes factual and sometimes they're politically motivated to counter a rumor that has been notably damaging to a company's reputation. For instance, last week we posted a report titled "Samsung is about to Experience the Apple Tsunami!" Today, DigiTimes supports that position of Samsung losing Apple's chip business and that Samsung is scrambling to find new clients. At the very same time a contradictory rumor has surfaced claiming that all is well with Apple and Samsung and that Samsung will resume their chip business with Apple in 2015.

A June report of ours titled "TSMC Lands 3 Year Contract with Apple for A8 Chips & Beyond" made it clear that TSMC would be supplying chips ranging from 20nm through to 10nm which even betters Samsung's rumored 14nm. So what gives?


Rumors at times could be used as political footballs to counter or calm market reactions to rumors on a daily basis. Other times it's really a matter of rumors only providing a static view of a given situation. While TSMC may be getting all of Apple's premier iPhone and/or iPad business, Apple may also have new products in the pipeline that may require added capacity, like a mid-range iPhone for instance, or that another new product will only be another hobby product not requiring mass production. Unfortunately that's the drawback to rumors. They're at best partial truths without full context, a point that Tim Cook has made during past conference calls.


So – is today's rumoring about Samsung chips for 2015 a contrary rumor, a political one or one that's just saying that there's a new product in Apple's pipeline? Only time will tell.


On the iPhone rumor front: the latest rumor states that the next iPhone will sport: the new LTE-Advanced standard, NFC (which sounds odd), fingerprint recognition, an IGZO display, a faster dual-core CPU, a quad-core GPU and more.


On the Samsung rumor front, sources claim that the company will be introducing tablets with a higher end 2,560 x 1600 resolution, no doubt to counter Apple's Retina Display quality. Apple on the other hand may be considering a switch to IGZO displays for the iPad next year that could once again advance their Retina Displays even further.


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