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A little web analytics company called StatCounter claims that Samsung has "leapfrogged" Apple in global web usage. Sounds like a staggering revelation, right? Well, not so fast.

Can you really say with any certainty that Samsung "leapfrogged" Apple when it's under half of one percent? Isn't there a margin of error under half of one percent in any poll, survey or stat counter? Of course. Most polls for instance provide for a margin of error at 1 to 2.5%.


And when you consider that in Q1 Samsung held 32.7% market share in smartphones versus Apple's 17.3%, Samsung's so-called half of one percentage point in web traffic is anemically pathetic. In North America, Apple crushed Samsung with the iPhone with a convincing 61% lead in web traffic. Now that's a trouncing.


With Samsung outselling Apple's iPhone by a wide margin worldwide, is claiming victory over web traffic with a debatable half of one percent really a noteworthy leapfrog? No, especially if you consider that per capita, Samsung's numbers prove that their smartphone user base isn't up to par with iPhone users in terms of web traffic and using the web intelligently – and that's just the stark reality of the day. It's why Apple's App Store is the number one store in the world in terms of profitability.


At under half of one percent, it really comes down to being a dead heat – which puts Samsung in the loser's column being that they have almost twice as many smartphones sold (or sitting on shelves). In the end, the less than one percent is really nothing more than hot air and marketing spin.


Did Samsung really leapfrog Apple in Global web usage: Not in my view. What are your thoughts on this? Send in your comments below.


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Jack Purcher

Thanks for your input Foomandoonian. However, your view that "Samsung will inevitably leapfrog Apple in mobile web use" is not that inevitable to me. With Samsung's current "volume" of phones on the market, they're customers aren't getting on the net in the same ratio that iPhone users are. So it's not inevitable at all that they'll magically surpass iPhone users in web usage anytime soon.

Jack Purcher

I appreciate your zeal Samual, but the report is about the statistics not being conclusive, not about the "experience" you enjoy with your Android device.



Hey its seems to be true , samsung web experience is way better than safari , for example if you get a link of a website from a friend on the ipad , ios forces you literally forces you to use safari, on a samsung you can use whatever browser you like !!!!!


Two additional thoughts:

1. StatCounter stats can vary significantly from other analytics tools. What StatCounter really measures is visitors to sites that use StatCounter (an impressive 2.5% of websites). It is possible that patterns may exist that the kinds of people who use Apple devices tend not to be the kind of people who use sites that use StatCounter. That's entirely unfounded speculation on my part, but seems entirely possible.

2. Nonetheless, if this is a trend and not just some anomalous fluctuation, it seems to me that Samsung will inevitably leapfrog Apple in mobile web use at some point. I don't see how it matters though. So long as the experience on iOS is great, I'll be happy.


Let's see if Samsung somehow owns or has contracted or otherwise paid this firm!


No not by a long shot! Sadly some people will eat it up and say how Samsung is better than Apple and blah blah blah...just more press trying to make Samsung look would think since Samsung "sells" more phones than Apple they would then "leapfrog" Apple but that's not the case!

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