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1. Cover - Ive Changes iOS 7 Font
According to a new report filed by Business Insider, Apple released an update to iOS 7 Beta late yesterday that adopts Helvetica Neue and dumps Neue light as noted in the cover graphic above.

Business Insider quotes On designer Nevr Mrgn as stating that "this is probably the biggest change Apple has ever made to one of its beta software releases. It's a complete change of heart from Jony Ive, Apple's leading designer." The lightweight font was one of the biggest criticisms of the new iOS.


The report states that Ive's willingness to change the font shows he's willing to hear constructive feedback and adapt. If true, then we should be seeing some of Apple's iOS 7 icons change, as the feedback we've received thus far is that there are a great number of the icons that Apple fans really despise. One of the most hated is the new "Setting" icon highligted in this report which one fan called "truly asinine."  


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The Maps fiasco landed on Scott Forstall's head for letting Maps go out the door with bad overview (amongst other reasons). The buck stops at Ive for iOS 7 now. Nothing is getting past him to the public without his approval. So yes, I'm confident that the switch to the new font was given Ive's approval plain and simple.

I still don't think it's knowable. All you we can say factually is that they changed the font.

Jony is in charge of iOS 7 design and when it comes to design, do you think he'll just let anyone else make the decision to change something as important as the main font? Not likely.

I don't think this means anything one way or the other. Just a change in font, who knows who made the call, or why..

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