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Today, Network World decided to run a headline that reads "US patent office rejects claims of Apple 'pinch to zoom' patent." Of course that's only true in part, as Apple has 60 days to appeal the ruling. Is this a case of Déjà vu? Yes, more than likely.

In December 2012 we posted a report titled "Cries of Apple's Patents Being Found Invalid a Nice Pipe Dream," where we laid out the historical facts behind companies winning reversals on appeal with the US Patent and Trademark Office being very high. The report was in context with Apple's rubber banding patent being deemed invalid by the US Patent Office. In the end, the US Patent Office reversed that decision. So the rubber banding patent stands as valid.


So has Apple really lost their "pinch to zoom" patent in their case with Samsung? No. That ruling isn't official until Apple has exhausted their appeals process and until that occurs, the pinch to zoom patent stands as valid in the courts.


Yet that hasn't stopped whiny Samsung from making that claim to the court that the pinch to zoom is invalid, according to documents filed by the South Korean company in a U.S. federal court.


This is a crucial patent and key feature that Apple invented for devices with a multitouch display. Companies like Samsung just decided to copy this feature so that their smartphones could have some functionality duplicating Apple's famed iPhone experience. And although Apple and Microsoft have a cross licensing deal, they're still trying to secure a patent about this all important feature known as "Pinch to Zoom."


Time will tell how this plays out in the future. But those claiming that Apple's "Pinch to Zoom" patent is invalid, as in permanently, are only telling you a half-truth. While it may plays well in the Android Camp this morning, it's likely to be a short lived victory.


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"look in a mirror"

So true. Its funny, those who are immature enough to use the term "sheep" are likely the biggest offenders themselves, just following a different herd. I like to think Apple fans at least admire Apple for good reasons, Android fans seem to all be Android "sheep" for all the wrong reasons. The only reason they seem to be foaming at the mouth is to be "rebel non-conformists" since Apples the big guy in town and gets so much credit (which they think Apple doesn't deserve). Try being rebellious about things that actually matter....you know, kinda like Steve Jobs was.


I saw that same title "US patent office rejects claims of Apple 'pinch to zoom' patent." and I wanted to click on the link and read the story but I thought I better wait for Patently Apple to write the truth and not some nonsense like everyone else. It's sad how Samsung fans and android fans will jump around like they did when the they thought the rubber patent was "invalid" but when it was found to be valid those same "fans" went back into hiding...and here they are again jumping around and celebrating...hahaha and they like to call anyone who likes Apple "sheep" haha look in a mirror!!

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