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The Society for Information Display (SID) is one of the display associations in the world. The association's tradeshow kicks off today in Vancouver, Canada. Hundreds of research papers are presented at the event and new display technologies are introduced. Noteworthy is that LG, Apple's main LCD supplier, will be introducing a new display that Apple may be able to use for a future iPhone.


It's being reported this morning that LG will be introducing a 5-inch HD LCD product based on an oxide thin-film transistor (TFT) at the tradeshow that will be ready to ship later this year. Many Apple fans and analysts are hoping to see Apple introduce a version of the iPhone with a 5-inch display in September. Whether Apple will in fact be able to debut such an iPhone for the 2013 holiday season is unknown at this time.


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I totally agree. I would love to carry just ONE device instead of my I-Phone (which is still cool) AND my I-Pad. Auto-correct would have a lot less work to do (and consequently make fewer mistakes) with slightly bigger texting buttons afforded by a 5" screen height.
I can renew now, but I would totally wait for a larger screen. Otherwise an upgrade is just not worth it!!!


You mean, "5 inches is too big ... for you."

I'd love a 5 inch iPhone. I'm far more interested in a larger mobile browser than I am a phone. So I'd prefer a 5" display for easier reading and more info on the display. The phone is secondary for me.


5 inches is too big

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