Did you hear the Joke about Android being the Market Leader?
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Apple's Latest TV Ad: Music Every Day


In April, Apple introduced a quiet yet creatively styled TV ad called "Photos Every Day." For May, Apple has introduced a new ad in this series simply titled: "Music Every Day." The message quietly states that "Every day, more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone." 


At a time when the press is frenzily promoting Google beating Apple to market with a new music streaming service, the real world still legally purchases their music from the largest music vendor in the world, Apple, through their iTunes Store.


I just happen to find that funny considering that Apple doesn't have the overwhelming "Android market share" figures behind them. I guess that market share figures don't always translate into real world success as they should. Did you hear the joke about Android being the Market Leader?


1. Apple TV ad Music Every Day


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