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In a new patent filing from Samsung we learn that they're trying to patent a shadow effect for turning an eBook page. Androiders love to complain and rant about what they perceive to be Apple's frivolous patent filings. I say to them, take a long look in the Samsung mirror and say, what? Samsung is trying to patent the creation of a shadow for turning an eBook page? Is this really worthy of a patent?

4. eBook page turning with detailed shadowing

This is exactly what Android Heads love to do. Instead of looking at the totality of a patent filing being presented, they simply choose to blindly attack a single facet of a new Apple patent and go haywire on every website they can with their usually repetitive rants.


So, with the shoe on the other foot, how does it feel? Imagine, wasting everyone's time with a patent about adding a shadow to an ebook page turning. This is an invention worthy of a patent?


For more on this, see Patent Bolt's latest report. If any Apple fan has an opinion on this so-called invention, send in your comments. And please, have some fun with it.


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True about the feedback, but don't lump them in with all android users/lovers. The extremists are much more likely to leave feedback to defend their thoughts. I try to be fairminded and speak against my extremist counterparts, like I said, I don't think samsung should get this ridiculous patent. I wanted to step in to show there are fairminded android users out in the world.

Thanks for your comment Marcus. However, The extremists seem to out number those that are fair minded on almost 90% of feedback. I don't seem to hear the fair minded step in to argue with their extremist brethren. So in context, Marcus, the article is aimed at the Android extremists and rightfully so.

I'm an android lover, but I don't agree with them patenting this. I think companies shouldn't patent these frivolous things, whether Apple, or Samsung, or whoever.

Remember not to lump all Android or Apple users into the same group as Apple or Android extremists. It's like judging all Muslims or Christians by few extremists that are way out of wack with the rest of the believers.

So they're trying to patent something that iBooks has been doing since the iPad launched, 3 years ago? I seem to remember Android zombies blowing steam about Apples patent, "LOL so Apple invented the page turn?" And here comes Samsung 3 years later. Talk about innovators.

There is already that function in iBooks. They sure want to parent something that is obvious and already exist...

Not to mention the display compositor built into the OS would be where the process is running. It's all built into OS X and iOS, not to mention Windows, KDE/GNOME.

They may think it's novel to cast a shadow of a page being overlayed, but the same process is using the System Compositing features that are already mature in other OSs. This is just a gimmick and should be laughed out.

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