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1AA. COVER, Apple wins two design patents and files new Trademark
This afternoon the IP Office in Hong Kong China granted Apple two design patents regarding a "Power Connector Module" under numbers 1202395.2M001 and .2M002. Our report presents you with several jumbo graphics pertaining to the Power Connector along with a trademark filing for the fusion drive icon. UPDATE April 22, 2013: Apple's Fusion Drive logo Trademark application has also been published by the US Patent and Trademark Office today.  

Apple Granted Two Design Patents for a Power Connector Module



2. Apple Power Connector Module

3. Apple Power Connector Module


4. Apple Power Connector Module

5. Apple Power Connector Module

Apple Files for Fusion Drive Icon Trademark


Apple has filed for a trademark protecting their Fusion Drive logo. Apple debuted the Fusion Drive on October 23 2012. The technology combines a hard drive with a 128 GB of NAND storage.


6. Apple files for iPod nano icon in China

Apple filed the Fusion Drive under International Classification 009 and made sure to protect it under everything imaginable. Here's the overkill list that Apple provided the Hong Kong IP Office with:   


"Computers; computer peripheral devices; computer hardware; computer gaming machines; hand held computers; tablet computers; personal digital assistants; electronic organizers; electronic notepads; electronic book readers; handheld electronic game units adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; handheld digital electronic devices and software related thereto; handheld mobile digital electronic devices capable of providing access to the Internet and for the sending, receiving, and storing of telephone calls, faxes, electronic mail, and other digital data; electronic handheld units for the wireless receipt, storage and/or transmission of data and messages, and electronic devices that enable the user to keep track of or manage personal information; sound recording and reproducing apparatus; MP3 and other digital format audio players; digital audio recorders; digital video recorders and players; audio cassette recorders and players; video cassette recorders and players; compact disc recorders and players; digital versatile disc recorders and players; digital audio tape recorders and players; radios, radio transmitters, and receivers; audio, video, and digital mixers; audio amplifiers; audio receivers; audio decoders; car audio apparatus; earphones, headphones; audio speakers; microphones; audio components and accessories; modems; network communication apparatus; electronic communication equipment and instruments; audiovisual teaching apparatus; optical apparatus and instruments; telecommunications apparatus and instruments; global positioning system (GPS) devices; telephones; wireless communication devices for voice, data or image transmission; cables; apparatus for data storage; magnetic data media; chips, discs and tapes bearing or for recording computer programs and software; facsimile machines; cameras; batteries; televisions; television receivers; television monitors; set top boxes; computer software; computer and electronic games; global positioning system (GPS) computer software; computer software for travel and tourism, travel planning, navigation, travel route planning, geographic, destination, transportation and traffic information, driving and walking directions, customized mapping of locations, street atlas information, electronic map display, and destination information; computer software for creating, authoring, distributing, downloading, transmitting, receiving, playing, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, displaying, storing and organizing text, data, graphics, images, audio, video, and other multimedia content, electronic publications, and electronic games; computer software for use in recording, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, and reviewing text, data, audio files, video files and electronic games in connection with computers, televisions, television set-top boxes, audio players, video players, media players, telephones, and handheld digital electronic devices; computer software to enable users to program and distribute text, data, graphics, images, audio, video, and other multimedia content via global communication networks and other computer, electronic and communications networks; computer software for identifying, locating, grouping, distributing, and managing data and links between computer servers and users connected to global communication networks and other computer, electronic and communications networks; computer software for use on handheld mobile digital electronic devices and other consumer electronics; electronic publishing software; electronic publication reader software; computer software for personal information management; computer software used to process voice commands, and create audio responses to voice commands; computer software for dictation; computer software for scheduling appointments, reminders, and events on an electronic calendar; computer software for storing, organizing, and accessing phone numbers, addresses, and other personal contact information; computer software for global positioning and for providing travel directions; computer software for enabling hands-free use of a mobile phone through voice recognition; computer software for making travel arrangements; computer software for making reservations at hotels and restaurants; downloadable pre-recorded audio and audiovisual content, information, and commentary; downloadable electronic books, magazines, periodicals, newsletters, newspapers, journals, and other publications; database management software; character recognition software; voice recognition software; electronic mail and messaging software; computer software for accessing, browsing and searching online databases; electronic bulletin boards; data synchronization software; application development software; user manuals in electronically readable, machine readable or computer readable form for use with, and sold as a unit with, all the aforementioned goods; electrical and electronic connectors, couplers, wires, cables, chargers, docks, docking stations, interfaces, and adapters for use with all of the aforesaid goods; computer equipment for use with all of the aforesaid goods; electronic apparatus with multimedia functions for use with all of the aforesaid goods; electronic apparatus with interactive functions for use with all of the aforesaid goods; accessories, parts, fittings, and testing apparatus for all of the aforesaid goods; covers, bags and cases adapted or shaped to contain all of the aforesaid goods; navigational instruments; apparatus to check stamping mail; cash registers; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; dictating machines; hemline markers; voting machines; electronic tags for goods; prize selection machines; weighing apparatus and instruments; measures; electronic notice boards; measuring apparatus; optical apparatus and instruments; wafers [silicon slices]; integrated circuits; fluorescent screens; remote control apparatus; lights conducting filaments [optical fibers]; electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; lightning arresters; electrolyzers; fire extinguishers; radiological apparatus for industrial purposes; life-saving apparatus and equipment; whistle alarms; sunglasses; animated cartoons; egg-candlers; dog whistles; decorative magnets; electrified fences; electrically heated socks."


Now isn't that helpful? I knew the Fusion Drive had something to do with electrically heated socks all along, but I just couldn't prove it until now (ha!).


UPDATE April 22, 2013: Apple's Trademark Application for the Fusion Drive logo was also published by The US Patent Office today under number 85907367. Apple filed it under the same International Class 009 with an abreviated description that covers the following:  Computers; computer peripheral devices; computer hardware; computer software.


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