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Welcome to Idaho's iSchool: An Inspirational iPad Story

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Some stories are just inspirational and the latest comes our way via Idaho's iSchool. Kent Jackson, the District IT Director stated that "choosing the iPad for every students hand is where we need to be." Jackson recounts how they transformed their school in just a week with super dedicated staff who wanted to make this happen. Colleen Johnson, the iSchool's Principal added that "We've had the iPad's in our school for about two and half months and already we are seeing significant financial savings. We save about $20,000/month on making copies and on paper. We don't need consumables any more. We anticipate not needing textbooks." Take a moment to view this inspirational video and learn more about what next generation iSchool's could be like.

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To learn more about iSchool, check out their site that is full of information and various videos to review. The Apple iPad revolution continues to inspire.


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Marc J. Driftmeyer

Unfortunately [and speaking as one who grew up visiting Priest Lake on a yearly summer basis], it's stuck with an extreme Tea Party agenda. The quality of education and the salaries are both in the crapper.

The latest bond levies that passed with such low investments are another example of how non-serious Idaho is about education.

Aaron Wright

Montgomery School District in PA has been doing this for a while now. Good Idea


This is awesome! I've always told this to my friends that the iPad is amazing and perfect for school! Good to see other students being able to take advantage of it and to make learning so much easier.

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