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News out of Taiwan today states that Hon Hai's Chairman Terry Gou met with Apple executives earlier this month to discuss HDTV displays for Apple's future iTV. The meeting reportedly took place a tenth generation flat panel plant in Sakai in western Japan.


The report states that at this meeting, Chairman Gou showed Apple 'a product' to indicate the Sakai plant would be able to supply Apple with enough panels for the iTV. The plant used to be a Sharp plant before selling it to another party. Chairman Gou supposedly has a personal stake in this plant. The Sakai plant is capable of rolling out 6 million 60-inch TVs a year, though a smaller TV display such as a 32 or 40 inch would be able to produce higher yields.


As if it's a done deal, the report states that the iTV panels will be produced at the Sakai plant according to sources, adding that details such as screen sizes and shipment volumes have not yet been finalized. Those details will not become clear until 2014, as the iTV is still in the design stage, the source said.


The bottom line: Why would Apple meet at this Japanese plant if there wasn't some kind of plan on the drawing board for making an iTV? Yet knowing Apple, nothing is a sure thing until they announce it.


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