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1AA -  NEWSHOT - Google in Race with Apple to bring backside controls to devices
The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Google that reveals their intentions to bring backside controls to future android devices that could turn a page of an ebook, article on the web or flip to next or previous views of photos and perhaps music albums in a playlist. Apple first introduced this idea for future tablets back in 2006, so the race is now on. Apple has sat on a number of great ideas over the years and never acted on them. So it just might be Google that's hungry enough to actually bring this feature to market first. In the end, in this specific race: may the best team win.

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Jack Purcher

Good stuff James.

If Sony could pull it off successfully all the more reason for Apple to have this feature, even if it's an option like hotspot is.

I fully understand Apple's "perfectionism" but at times I think they over think things and that half of their perfectionism is a myth used in part to excuse themselves for not executing in a timely manner.

Never under estimate a competitor that hungers for success. Samsung's fight with Apple has pushed them to innovate 2 times faster to beat Apple.

Anyways, thanks for the input James. Much appreciated.



Google won't be the first to market with this feature even Apple sits on it longer. That crown goes to Sony. The PS Vita has a touch sensitive back panel, and its actually been used in interesting ways for some games.

Apple not bringing the feature to market likely isn't a sign of not being "hungry." Its probably more just a case of an idea that when they tested they felt was not compelling enough to pursue any further. Then there's always issues of implementation. How well it performs, in regards to hands resting on the back case while holding the device, and whether users kept accidentally activating when they were simply just holding the device.

There's a lot of factors to consider. I wouldn't say Apple is "not hungry," there's probably some reason. You know before they commit to new ideas, they always wait until its perfect or actually has some purpose for implementing. Not just for flashiness.

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