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The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of ten Apple design patents today covering the iPad, iPhone, an iDevice component, the iPad's battery and more.

Apple Granted 10 Design Patents Today


Apple has been granted a series of 10 design patents today. The first series of key designs include the iPhone 4/4S which credits the late Steve Jobs as one of the designers, the iPhone 4/4S exterior frame including its stainless steel metal band, the iPhone's back plate and its Apple Store packaging.


2. Apple wins multiple iPhone design patents incl retail pkg 3.12.13

The second series of key designs patents include drawings of Apple's iPad, photos of the black and white models of the iPad, line drawings of the iPad's back frame (not shown) and the iPad's battery.


3. Apple wins design patents for iPad and iPad battery

The other design patents covered an iDevice component (not shown) and a graphical user interface layout as illustrated below.


4. UI layout



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The GUI layout is very interesting

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