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Earlier this week Bloomberg reported that Corning the maker of Apple's iPhone glass stated that it would probably take at least three years before companies start making flexible displays using its new Willow material. That led to speculation that Apple's iWatch would have to wait three years. While that was nice of Corning to provide us with their view of Apple's world, don't forget that LG made an announcement way back in August 2012 that they would be able to supply Apple with flexible OLED displays by the end of 2013.

LG Display's CEO Han Sang-beom clearly stated in a Korean Times report that they would have screens ready by the end of 2013. Volume production on the other hand could take until 2014 as LG's plant in Tangjeong, South Chungcheong Province, is only expected to produce some 960,000 flexible OLED sheets by the end of the year which isn't enough for Apple. While the original statement was in context with flexible displays for iPhones, the fact remains that LG has the glass that Apple needs for whatever product of their choosing.


The bottom line is that Apple's information band or iWatch-Like device doesn't have to wait for Corning as the press reporting on last week. Of course there's no promise that Apple intends to release such a new wearable computing product, but if they decided to green light the project, we at least know that they won't be hamstrung waiting for Corning.


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I agree with Phil.

More to the point I see Apple using Corning for laptops soon. Specifically the EAGLE XG Slim tech.

Corning's 3 major types of ultra-thin glass are designed for next gen LCD and OLED. Apple has been less than impressed with OLED color profiles.

Pay close attention to how frequently Bloomberg News publishes ‘news’ that has high potential to torpedo AAPL. And critically evaluate Bloomberg’s content. For example, if a Federal agency is investigating Apple and one or more other companies, see if Apple is the sole company that Bloomberg mentions.

As for Bloomberg’s ‘report’ that Corning Inc. (GLW), the maker of glass for Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhones, said it will probably take at least three years before companies start making flexible displays using its new Willow material, note that Bloomberg published that one day after Motley Fool published an article titled Willow Glass Will Boost Corning’s Earnings and Stock and stated:

Dipak Chowdhury, a Corning vice president, says the first devices that use Willow Glass will appear in 2013.

The Motley Fool blogger/author, Anindya Batabyal, then added: It could be the basis for displays in thinner, lighter cell phones and tablets -- or for entirely new products, like Apple’s upcoming iWatch.

Batabyal’s comment seems to be his own, not attributed to the Corning vice president. However, even Bloomberg said in its article that James Clappin, president of Corning Glass Technologies, declined to comment when asked whether Corning had any contact with Apple on this project.

Haven’t you been wondering what is the REASON for the daily attacks that have been rendering AAPL a vulnerable steal for big money?

Do those attacks remind you of Jim Cramer’s tutorial on the fomenting practiced by hedge funds for the purpose of moving stock prices?

Can AAPL holders dare bet that an Apple iWatch sporting Corning’s Willow Glass will be announced this year . . . perhaps in time for holiday shoppers to choose between an iWatch or a Samsung ‘phlablet’?

I don't know if Apple will use Corning or LG, but I highly doubt it will take 3 years for them to come out with an iWatch. Next year at the latest, but I would like to see it sooner.

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