Apple's "Cards" App is Targeted in new Patent Lawsuit
There's No Secret Wearable Computer Plan or Platform at Apple based on Old Patents Acquired in a Lawsuit

Tuesday's MoreNews All Day: Cook Considers Preferred Stock, Apple Makes Oodles of Profit from Accessories & Much, Much More

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MoreNews 02.12.13


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Read: HBO to Finally Let Subscribers Stream HBO Go to TV Over AirPlay


ReadWow! In 2011 iTunes captured 90% of digital music revenues and 31% of the total music industry.


Read: Apple announces $8B paid out to developers, a jump of $1B in just one


Read: Apple still has 'magic,' innovation, says CEO Tim Cook.


ReadIntel working on new Set-Top box and TV Services business offering Consumers Next Generation Experiences. You could learn more about this once the AllThingsD Conference video is made available later today.  


Read: Hearst Magazines President David Carey stated that Apple's CEO Steve Jobs, "taught consumers how to buy digital content," and that when it comes to digital books, "women’s titles are doing better on seven-inch tablets." And you thought that size mattered? Ha!


Read: Tim Cook: Apple Won’t Acquire Unless It Needs To


Read: Apple CEO Cook Considering Greenlight Push for Preferred Stock


Read: Apple's Cook calls Einhorn suit 'a silly sideshow'


Read: Apple makes more from iTunes and Accessories than Most Companies Do from Phones.   


Read: Dubious User Satisfaction Survey Attacks Apple


Read: Apple dukes it out with Intel to win over engineers for new Israel R&D facility


Read: Money Flows out Of Apple and Into BlackBerry (a financial report)


Read: Why Apple is working on 'iWatch,' not iGlasses


Read: Every Step You Take, Tracked Automatically. This is about a new App called "Moves."


Today's IP News


Read: There's No Secret Wearable Computer Plan or Platform at Apple based on Old Patents Acquired in a Lawsuit


Read: Apple Granted 27 Patents Covering Adaptive Sensors, Cellular MacBook Antennas, Tactile Feedback for iDevices & Much More


Read: Apple's "Cards" App is Targeted in new Patent Lawsuit


Read: Sony Invention Reveals Universal 3D Glasses for TV and Gaming



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