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New UK Self-Driving Car to Challenge Google's Project

A new BBC report covers a team at Oxford University that have come up with a self-driving car that's actually affordable. The component for your car will only cost around $150 US. The system takes a while to get up to speed as it has to learn your regular routes. Oxford's Professor Newman stated that "While at an earlier stage of development, Oxford University's car has significant key differences to Google's offering. 


Professor Newman pointed out a few key differences to Google's invention: "Well if you look at it, we don't need a 3D laser spinning on the roof that's really expensive - so that's one thing straight away. I think our car has a lower profile."


He added: "Our approach is made possible because of advances in 3D laser mapping that enable an affordable car-based robotic system to rapidly build up a detailed picture of its surroundings.


"Because our cities don't change very quickly, robotic vehicles will know and look out for familiar structures as they pass by so that they can ask a human driver 'I know this route, do you want me to drive?'"


Prof Newman applauded Google's efforts in innovating in the space - but was buoyant about the role British expertise could have in the industry. "This is all UK intellectual property, getting into the [driverless car] race. "I would be astounded if we don't see this kind of technology in cars within 15 years. This is going to be huge."




Some believe this technology will be available sooner rather than later. For one that's not the biggest fan of Google, any advanced technology that will challenge them is good news. Ironically the video showing you this new Oxford University invention is playing on a Google YouTube video. 



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