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MoreNews PM: Looking at the Fake Projects Myth at Apple, Dropbox Offers a Way to Free Data from Mobile Apps & Google Breaks their Stance on Patent Suits

The afternoon edition of MORENEWS presents you with 7 links to interesting reports from around the web. Some of the reports that we're covering this afternoon include: How Nest's Control Freaks Reinvented the Thermostat; Does Apple Really Assign Engineers to "Fake" Projects as a loyalty Test?; Google Breaks their Stance on Patent Suits; Bionic Eye Implant Approved for U.S. Patients and more.  


MORENEWS PM 02.15.13


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Read: Does Apple Really Assign Engineers to "Fake" Projects as a loyalty Test?

How an Apple rumor became instant "fact."


2. Ars Technica report photo


Read: Dropbox Offers a Way to Free Data from Mobile Apps


"Dropbox is best known for providing a "magic folder" that 100 million people use to synchronize files across different computers. But the company's cofounder and CEO, Drew Houston, has long talked of larger ambitions, telling MIT Technology Review in 2012 that he was setting out to build "a fabric that ties together all devices, services, and apps … the Internet's file system." A new feature released with little fanfare last week provides new evidence that the company is working toward that vision. It also pitches the company into more direct competition with Apple.


That feature, called the Sync API, allows mobile apps to save data to a user's Dropbox account so that the app can be synched across multiple devices. If developers embrace the programming interface, using mobile apps might no longer mean leaving your personal files scattered among different devices. The Sync API could also erode some of the restrictions imposed by the competing mobile "ecosystems" of Apple and Google by making it easier to switch between them without leaving any data behind."


Read: How Nest's Control Freaks Reinvented the Thermostat


3. Nest, Tony Fadell +


Read: Google files first patent infringement suit in company history to hit back at BT


The next time Google founder and CEO Larry Page is asked about his company's stance on patent litigation he won't be able to repeat what he said at the Google Zeitgeist conference in September 2011: "We've never sued anyone over patents."


Huh, what a shocker that Google is a two-faced lying copycat. I would have never have guessed it.


Read: Targeted Hacking Forces a New Reality on Antivirus Companies

If you own a small to medium size business, you may want to read up about next generation security option available to you.


Read: The Apple iMac still Has Flaws: 10 Ways to Improve It

To be sure, you won't agree with every point.


Read: Bionic Eye Implant Approved for U.S. Patients




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