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Interesting Apple News is ongoing and it comes in from every imaginable source. As a service to our fan base, Patently Apple introduces MoreNews, a new segment that will list daily links to reports that we think you'll find interesting and/or important from sources around the web. Our new MoreNews segment will primarily be posted on weekdays and our headlines will be refreshed throughout the day. Welcome to MoreNews.


Reports we chose


Read: What 7 Million Jailbreaks Are Saying. Is Apple Listening?


Read: Insight: Apple and Samsung, frenemies for life


Read: The Apple Sell-Off Has Gone Too Far


Read: Home Depot abandoning BlackBerry platform in favor of Apple's iPhone and iOS


Read: Cramer: Could This Be Apple’s Master Plan?


Read: Apple IPads Neutered for U.S. Government as CACI Targets Mobile


Read: Apple's new iPad takes on Microsoft as Tablets Nab PC Sales


Read: iPhone 6 to have 5G Wi-Fi chip?


Read: Adobe issues emergency update for Flash. Also Apple


Read: Macmillan, DOJ Settle E-Book Price-Fixing Case.


Read: Exactly How The Apple TV Will Transform The Industry. Source


Read: Mailbox for iOS now available; grab a reservation soon


Read: Apple's iOS 6.1 reportedly causing 3G and battery issues for some iPhone users


Read: Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. An Article by John Siracusa


Read: Rumor: Apple to Release iPhone 5S and 5-Inch iPhone 6 in 2013

This is certainly the dumbest rumor of the day if not for the year thus far: Someone saw the iPhone 6. Hmm, do they care to share some actual details besides it being lighter? That simply sounds like someone reporting a common sense guess to me. Are some that desperate for news? Ha!  


Reports you chose


If you think that we've missing an interesting or important news story today, Apple or not, then by all means send in your suggestions by using our contact page. If we decide that your suggestion is an interesting read, we'll gladly add it to the list below and even add your name as reference for helping us out if you so agree.


Read: "Appl-Like Line-Ups for Microsof's Surface Pro." Fortune's Apple 2.0 report covers Microsoft's General Manager of Surface  launching their new Pro model at the Fashion Mall in Vegas. 


Read: Is Intel's Haswell Already a Has-Been?


Read: Apple And Google Still Lead WebKit Development, But More Smaller Companies Contributing. This link came from: 1 Infinite Watch


Read: Google's Schmidt to sell roughly 42 percent of stake


Read: Will Android's Rise Lead to Apple's Demise?


Read: HTC wins dismissal of one patent (of nine) from ITC investigation of Nokia's complaint. This link suggestion came from: Randy, London England


Read: PC Users Switching To Tablets, Smartphones 'At Warp Speed' For Internet, Facebook. This link suggestion came from: Anonymous


Read: Court to Consider When Software Can Be Patented


Read: Hewlett Directs Its Suppliers in China to Limit Student Labor


Read: Google, Microsoft, and Apple Are Likely Using Technology Held by Mobivity Holdings


Read: Founder of Apple's Human Interface Group talks potential for an iWatch


Read: Apple? Einhorn Just Doesn't Get It: Cramer


Read: Apple could buy Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pandora, BlackBerry,
Yahoo, Yelp, Zillow and Zynga – and still have $2 billion left over


Read: iPad app replaces physical Bible in New Jersey swear-in ceremony


Read: Surface Pro versus MacBook Air: Who's being dishonest with storage space?

If you consider yourself a real geek, then you'll appreciate Ed Bott's (ZDNet) take on this ... or not. This link suggestion came from: Ryan G, Ontario Canada.


Read: Skype 4.5 for iPhone and iPad



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