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Patently Apple reported on a Company by the name of OSS suing Apple with an LG patent back in August 2012. At the time, FOSS Patents noted our report and posted his views as to why an LG patent was being used. In his second view on the matter, FOSS noted that "The other -- is potentially a more meaningful alternative in that this previously-unheard-of Florida-based plaintiff could be a proxy steered by LG. In that case, this would be either a warning shot or the beginning of a wider conflict between Apple and LG, which the latter may deem inevitable."


On Friday our site added a new "News Tip" link to our navigation bar and it took no time for someone to contact us regarding our original report on the lawsuit between OSS and Apple. A source, that claims to have been very close to the founder of OSS, states that that they have firsthand knowledge that Mr. Daniel Sherr and his OSS firm were in fact a proxy steered by LG. The source further stated that OSS LLC is a dummy firm for LG and that he worked as a contracted patent attorney for LG for nearly 8 years. His other patent firm noted as Sherr & Jiang LLC in Herndon, VA receives wired sums from LG" supporting the OSS lawsuit against Apple.


While Patently Apple has no means of verifying the sources claims, we find it odd that someone would come forward with information about this lawsuit so late in the game just to make a point. If the information proves to be true, then the views expressed by FOSS Patents could very well mean that this lawsuit is indeed a warning shot of things to come if this isn't settled. But the one question still ringing in my head is why? What would be the motive for LG to be suing Apple? LG is reportedly a major supplier of displays for Apple.


Time will tell if this tiny lawsuit is settled prior to going to trial or if it actually leads to yet another patent war front. For now, all we could do is keep our eyes on this current patent lawsuit and see how it plays out.




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