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According to news from Seoul's Jose Ilbo's online newspaper, Apple has recently recruited a former senior researcher at LG Display, Dr. Lee Jeung-jil, who was in charge of researching OLED printing technology. Prior to joining LG Display, Lee was a part of the P-OLED research at Cambridge Display Technology (now owned by Sumitomo). The report concludes that "By recruiting an OLED expert, Apple may be working to develop its own OLED display." The question that Apple may be working on OLED should be put into context. The fact is that Apple has been working on OLED since at least 2009 and in fact has just been granted a patent regarding OLED fabrication.


Other Apple patents on OLED have been both interesting and extensive. Apple has filed OLED patents regarding flexible displays, dual backlightshybrid displays for power saving measures and more. Today's news of bringing in top OLED talent may indicate that some of Apple's patent pending projects have been given the green light to proceed to the next level within Apple. Time will tell.   



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