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Shortly after Apple introduced the iPhone 5, Samsung's propaganda PR machine went into high gear mocking the new phone and Apple fans in general. Samsung tried to make it like the iPhone 5 was for an older generation that was simply out of touch with technology. One particular ad mocked Apple's decision to reposition their headphone port to the bottom of the iPhone 5. Samsung may have jumped the gun on that point and it may come back to bite them in the next year of two. 


The Nimrod we just Loved to Jeer


2. - Samsung ad with the nimrod ....


This character that Samsung invented for one of their anti-iPhone 5 ads is definitely one that the Mac Community loved to jeer for his animated opinion that Apple blew his mind when they repositioned the headphone port to the bottom of the new iPhone 5.


The question is why did Apple move their headphone port and was it really a design blunder? In 2011 a new Apple patent application was published by the US Patent Office which clearly indicated that Apple is seriously considering a pico-like projector for their future iDevice line up. Wouldn't it make sense that Apple might be saving the top side of the iPhone 5 for a future compact projector? Isn't that where users would want such a projector to be positioned on a future iPhone so that it would be easier to point to a display or projector screen?


Last week Sharp revealed that they had developed a high-efficiency red laser diode for displays. The new laser, as shown below could be integrated into mobile devices as a "compact projector," states the report. The lasers will come onto the market sometime in early Q1 2013. 


3. Sharp's new red laser diode could be used in compact projectors


While we can't definitively say that this is what Apple is going to implement on the top side of the next iPhone in 2013 or 2014, we think that it's definitely one option that would make a lot of sense. What are your thoughts on this?







The funny thing is that Apple no longer innovates and has fallen behind in making a better smartphone.

As far as stealing goes, how many lawsuits is Apple involved in where they have been found guilty. They just lost a 300+ million lawsuit against VHC.

You are sure the iPhone 5 has outsold the Galaxy SIII? Interesting, the SIII has sold over 32 million phones and has been discounted because it came out way before the SIII. The iPhone 5 is ALREADY being discounted only a few months after its release.

So the big question is you hear about 5 million iPhone 5's sold the first weekend (all iSheep fanboys) then 2 million in China which is supposed to be impressive for a country of 700 million phones where are the other numbers?? Can't find them anywhere. How many sold total U.S.?

Take a look at these hilarious video of Conan O'Brien.


everyone calls us iSheep as if establishing that kind of fan base & clientele is not the exact goal of every company who wants to be successful. It's so ignorant it's laughable. Of course we stand in line... cause are phones are so loved by this iSheep group that it sells out in a matter of hours. I'm pretty sure the iphone 5 has already outsold the S3... and Apple doesn't have to cut the prices down to $50 during holiday seasons to do it. And these phones are the only ones that have the resale power to litterally get the money u used to spend it back. I sold a 32gbiPhone 4 for $280. a week before the release of the iPhone 5. Try getting 80% of ur money back selling a phone 3 generations old. We're iSheep, u guys are iHaters.

Are you one of the Google trolls skimming through Apple patents to see what they're working on next so Google can steal it, throw the feature in half baked, then say they did it first and Apple copied them when iOS devices finally get it?

Oh really? cause my nexus 7 with its 7" screen fits in the pocket of just about every pair of pants i own.

I think the entire decision was just purely based on usability considerations. Apple will let third-party accessory producers take the lead on Pico Projectors.

People don't use belt holsters any more. That orients the iPhone standing up which made sense for the jack to be on top. Now just about everyone puts their phone in their pocket which is logically top down for hand grasp orientation. Add in the space saved by the lightning connector and you have a pretty reasonable justification for bottom placement.

Where Samsung has a problem is the size of their mini-tablet-phone-thing. Does not fit in the pocket of most pants. Is inconvenient like the common SLR camera or the typical video recorder. Fits in a purse but is too big for my wife's "going out purse". That behemoth phone is definitely something to chide Samsung over.

First of all that commercial should win an award for best ceommercial of the year. It was absolutely hilarious and spot on describing iSheep fanboys who will wait in line for days for an inconsequential upgrade to their deity, the iPhone. And that "nimrod" you all like to make fun of was the best part of the commercial and loved by everyone in the Android community.

The reason the port was moved to the bottom of the iPhone was to reduce moisture getting into the ports. Previously there were open ports on both sides of the phone. Currently all the open ports are on the bottom. Also when people hold their phone the top port was open and vulnerable to rain, etc.

Happy New Year to one and all.

Nice to see the comments descending as we move through the timeline.

Interesting. Moderately useful. But putting the earphone on the bottom makes sense as is. At PCmag, Sasha Seagan thought it was a blunder. But I think that it's a good idea. If you have your headphone plugged in, and take the phone out of your pocket, then it's already properly positioned, right side up, in your hand. Put it back in your pocket that way. Simple.

But, if the headphone is at the top, you've got to have the phone bottom down in your pocket. Take it out, and you need your other hand to switch it round. Later, you have to switch it again when you put it back. To see it quickly when getting a ring, you need to take it all the way out and turn it. Again, with the jack on the bottom, you don't need to do that.

I believe the larger reason for moving the headphone jack was based more on a users tendency to put their phone in their pocket up-side-down and they finally had enough space at the bottom (now that the 30 connector is gone) to locate it in the place it belongs.

The fact that we now have room for a Pico-Projector up top is definitely a nice bonus though, and my gawd I hope they come through with this feature at some point.

I like the port on the bottom. In my opinion it should have been there to begin with. I dunno if they'll be able to get a projector That small tho....

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