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A new ABI research report reveals that Apple's leading position in the mobile computing market is reflected in its average score for innovation and implementation which was 84.7 out of a possible 100. Lenovo placed in second position and Samsung in third spot with respective scores of 77.5 and 74.4. The report also projected a mind-boggling stat on Apple's Ultraportable sales for the year.


Even though Apple ranks at the top overall, both Lenovo and Asus beat Apple in the innovation segment. There is no one section in which Lenovo scores outstanding marks; nevertheless, the company scores consistently across all categories, never dropping below 65%.


Apple outscores its rivals significantly in implementation. A large portion of this success is due to the company's global presence, market strategy, and dominant market share for its MacBook-Air line. ABI projects that the Apple will ship almost three times as many ultraportables by end of 2012 as its nearest competitors.



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 Source: ABI Research




The Woz, Was. His view is interesting but irrelevant to this study. Woz likes controversy to keep him in the news.

According to the Woz, MS is becoming more innovative than Apple.

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