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While DigiTimes is spreading the rumor this morning that there's a trial production of a new version of Apple's iPhone 5 being readied for a Q1 2013 launch, a more realistic assessment of this rumor surfaced from China Times News that presents it in the light of it being propaganda.  


The China Times is reporting this morning that "the supply chain industry in Taiwan pointed out that, when the iPhone5 market demand has not yet been met, outgoing iPhone 5S trial production, are people who deliberately put the news with intent to disturb the market."


Last week we questioned if the timing of Dan Crow's Guardian article was part of a well-orchestrated marketing war against Apple and even Rob Enderle wrote on Sunday about Apple's Brand was being systematically destroyed overtly by Samsung and covertly by Microsoft.


The bottom line is that Apple wouldn't be rushing the next iteration of the iPhone to market for Q1 2013 as it would be the equivalent of shooting themselves in the head. No, this is pure propaganda using the familiar FUD ("Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt") tactic. Customers in Asia that may not be familiar with this age old tactic might fall for this, but most will see this rumor for what it is: Pure Propaganda.  





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Hi "Ajay20 Kin" - I appreciate your commment.

However, the report is based on what the supply chain is saying about some trying to disturb Apple's sales. This could be one factor in deciding when to buy or delay a purchase of an iPhone. Everyone has a different formula as to how and when to make a purchase decision. I'm personally delaying the purchase of a smartphone until next fall for a number of reasons. In the end Ajay, It's always a personal choice as to when to buy a product, regardless of the news.

WOW! Can you imagine how Apple's fan base will freak out that they're buying an iPhone 5 for Christmas that Apple knowingly admits behind the scenes has a defective in-cell display.

That one grave error alone could lose Apple the mobile market in one swoop. What a f*cking disaster that would be. I'm sure Samsung will pound that mistake into Apple's face to make them the laughing stock of the mobile industry and Ive's an instant idiot.

There are credible sources for this rumor, i think it would be a good chance to fix the touch input buffer issue that's currently affecting all 'in-cell' touchscreen apple devices. certainly better to release an 'update' than a recall or even an admission of a HW issue.

Thanks Patently Apple,Iphone 5s news almost postponed my decision of buying iphone 5.

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