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Apple to Ship More than 40 Million iPhone's for the Holiday Quarter, Ranks Third in Online Movie Biz & Reveals New Camera Related Patent and More

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DigiTimes is reporting this morning that "Shipments of components for iPhone 5 from the supply chain will be ramped up to 13-14 million units in November and to 16-18 million units in December, bringing total shipments of iPhone 5 in the fourth quarter of 2012 to 40 million, according to sources in Apple's supply chain." In the Over-The-Top Content (OTT) market covering such things as online movie rentals, Apple came in third place behind Amazon and the leader Netflix, according to ABI Research. And lastly, the US Patent and Trademark Office published a bore-fest of Apple patents today that included twelve old patent revisions and three boring original patents. The only one of some interest published today relates to an iDevice camera module. Updated 5AM MST 


Apple Files Patent for Low Rise Camera Module


2A. Apple files for low rise camera module patent


There were only three original Apple patent filings published by the USPTO this week. The patent noted above is titled "Low Rise Camera Module" relating to iDevice cameras. Apple's patent FIG. 1shown above illustrates a cut away side view of part of a low rise camera module.


Out of the twelve older patents published today that date back to between 2002 and 2009 that Apple is simply tweaking in an effort to get them approved by the USPTO, is a single patent of mild interest covering a possible future headset. The patent was originally filed back in 2006 prior to the iPhone's debut. This particular patent's content was basically covered in a granted patent report that we published in July.


One More Thing


The only other patent worth noting today was discovered in Europe earlier this morning. The new patent application relates to the new LTE communicatioins technology that is found in Apple's iPhone 5. The application is titled "LTE/1X Dual-Standby with Single-Chip Radio." In our September report titled "Apple's Leadership and Magic Shine Through" we presented a graphic from the iPhone 5 event that covered LTE on a single chip using a single radio as noted below. It would appear that Apple's European filing covers this very feature.


3. LTE single chip, single radio, dynamic antenna



T6 AA General Break





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