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Apple Files Boring Haptics Feature Patent Designed to keep your iPhone from Falling off a Table

1. Apple Files Boring Haptics Feature Patent
Not all Apple patents are exciting and neither should they. A hundred or two boring utility patents add up rather quickly to create something like, well, an iPhone. Today, the US Patent Office revealed one of Apple's latest boring patents that relate to a new haptics feature they're working on. The idea is simple and here's a scenario of the problem: When an iPhone user stupidly places their device on a hard wooden conference table and receives a call, the vibration is amplified due to the hard surface and ends up embarrassing them. Apple's latest invention is about allowing the haptics to automatically lower the vibration so that its sound on a hard surface could be tolerable. Apple has even designed a feature that won't allow a user's iPhone to fall off a table due to this vibrating feature. Isn't it nice to know that Apple is looking out for stupid user habits.  


If you want to dive into this patent filing looking for its brilliance, you could do so by checking out patent application 20120286943. Good Hunting. To view some of Apple's greater Haptic ideas, you could always check out our Haptics & Tactile Archives.  



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