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Nine Apple Patents Cover a Gimbal Press, LTE Technology & More

1. 9 patents cover gimbal press, more lte technology & more
On October 25, 2012, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a new series of patent applications from Apple. Our report reveals information on a new Gimbal Press, details on a new LTE patent and links to many other patents worth checking out today.


An Overview of Nine Original Patent Filings from Apple


Apple's Patent Application 20120268392 is titled "Gimbal Press."


Apple's Patent Abstract: A computing device includes a touchpad having a plurality of internal diaphragms that allow the touchpad to sense downward force inputs. The diaphragms are evenly glued about their circumferential edge portions to an internal flat surface by way of a gimbal press. The gimbal press could include a force delivery component coupled to an upper plate having an internal depression, a lower plate having a ball bearing that accepts force from the upper plate via the internal depression, a flexible ring member, and a compliant annular component. Both plates have a plurality of interlocking features with grooves extending therethrough that accept the flexible ring member. Force is evenly distributed to the diaphragm via a gimbal effect at the ball bearing, and the flexible ring member centers the upper and lower plates with respect to each other while permitting some relative tilt and rotation between the plates.


2A Gimbal Press patent figures


Apple's Patent Application 20120270545 is titled "Dual Network Mobile Device Radio Resource Management." The key to this patent application is that it's one of Apple's LTE based patents.


Apple's Patent Application 20120272338 is titled "Unified Tracking Data Management." Apple's invention relates generally to tracking data from websites. More particularly, this invention relates to a unified manner to expose and manage tracking data from websites. Patent FIG. 4 shown below illustrates an example of unified management of usage tracking data.


3. Patent Unified Tracking


Apple's Patent Application 20120272297 is titled "Cross-Transport Authentication." Apple's invention relates generally to authentication and in particular to cross-transport authentication for use in communications between a portable media device and an accessory device.


Apple's Patent Application 20120272230 is titled "Power Saving Application Update in a Portable Electronic Device." The first point in Apple's Summary states that "Many portable electronic devices include various applications and widgets that rely on periodically obtaining data from remote network repositories. After the updated data is typically shown to a user on a screen of the portable electronic device only when the screen has been turned on and the device has exited a sleep state. There is a need for a power saving mode that efficiently controls the update of such data."


4A. from Patent - Power savings app update in a portable device

Apple's Patent Application 20120272163 is titled "Application-Specific Group Listing." Apple's invention relates generally to a user interface for sharing content, and, more particularly, to a method, apparatus and system for providing utilization of an intermediary module to share content relating to a particular application.


Apple's Patent Application 20120271970 is titled "Situational Playback." Apple's invention relates to a portable media device and more particularly to processing media assets in accordance with a situational context of the portable media device.


Apple's Patent Application 20120270424 is titled "Edge Connector for Shielded Adapter." Apple's invention relates to electrical connections that may provide highly manufacturable, well-shielded paths between cables and printed circuit boards.


Apple's Patent Application 20120270448 is titled "USB Connector having Vertical to Horizontal Conversion Contacts." Apple's invention may provide connector receptacles that may provide a right-angle translation, may be readily manufactured, and may have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


5. patent - usb connector having vertical to horizontal conversion contacts


Apple's patent FIG. 2 illustrates a connector receptacle, while patent FIG. 4 illustrates an oblique view of contacts and a first housing portion.


Today's Continuation Patents


In addition to the nine patent applications presented in today's report, the US Patent and Trademark Office did in fact publish a series of older continuation patents dating back to between 2004 and 2010. The continuation patents that we list below are specifically referenced as such in each filing under the section titled "Cross-Reference to Related Applications." Generally speaking, continuation patents represent tweaks made to patent claims in an effort to get the patents granted by the USPTO and don't represent any noteworthy new development from the original patent filing. Some websites will try to pass these filings off as new patents for the sake of clicks. We prefer to be upfront about them to keep you better informed.


Here are today's continuation patents should you wish to review them:


Continuation Patent 20120268410 is a 2010 patent application titled "Working with 3D Objects." To get an overview of this filing, see our report titled "Apple's Wild New 3D Gesturing is aimed at CAD, Avatar Creation & More."


6. Continuation Patent - working with 3D objects


Continuation Patent 20120268881 is a 2009 patent filing titled "Portable Computer Display Housing." The patent relates to the MacBook Pro.


Continuation Patent 20120268882 is a 2009/2010 patent filing titled "Display Module," which is about methods of assembling devices such as the iPad.


Continuation Patent 20120270567 is a 2004/2005 patent filing titled "System and method for anonymous location based services."


Continuation Patent 20120269364 is a 2006 patent filing titled "Composite Audio Waveforms."


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