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1. Belkin invents an iPhone accessory that concert goers will love
Last week the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Belkin that describes a few new upcoming iPhone and/or iDevice accessories related to audio. Another accessory is a "camera grip" making it easier to hold the iPhone while taking photos or making a movie. Yet for concert goers, the upcoming Belkin directional/ambient noise microphone iPhone accessory is likely to be a big hit for capturing vastly superior sound on your iPhone concert videos.


Belkin's Microphone Accessory for iPhone


A new patent application from Belkin reveals that they have a few new ideas up their sleeve for future iPhone accessories and one of them is already a product. The first new invention is one for those who love filming/recording their favorite bands at concerts.


Belkin states that their new microphone, shown below as patent point # 503, comprises of a uni-directional microphone that could be configured to provide clear and/or focused audio that that a regular device microphone can't provide. When implementing Belkin's audio accessory system at a musical concert, Belkin's microphone could be focused to capture the music of the musical concert by aiming the microphone (having a uni-directional function) via directional microphone portion # 542 while minimizing the amount of ambient sound captured.


2. Great at Concerts - Belkins iPhone Microphone Accessory


This could also prove to be great when filming any kind keynote event that you're attending or any kind of party that you're having or even when filming a great band when you're at a noisy rock or blues club.    


Belkin's Clip-On Microphone for Apple iDevices


The next invention that the creative engineers over at Belkin are working on is a new clip-on microphone for iDevices. Belkin's FIG. 8 shown below illustrates such a clip that could be configured to communicate wirelessly with an iDevice over a range less than or equal to approximately 30 feet (9.2 meters).


3. Belkin Microphone accessory for iPhone


If a third-party is filming two people having a casual conversation or are engaged in a formal interview via an iPhone or iPad, one of the people in the conversation and/or interviewer could wear the new Belkin microphone invention by clipping it to their clothing as noted above. The microphone will record vastly superior quality audio compared to that of the standard audio found in an iDevice. The hands-free feature allows a conversation/interview to be conducted without the need for a handheld microphone, which is more natural.


Belkin's Camera Grip Accessory for iDevices


This part of Belkin's patent covers their current "LiveAction Camera Grip" iPhone accessory. As they say, "Just attach, click—then start sharing your photos using the free LiveAction app that is a free download at the Apple App Store.


4. Belkin's patent figure for their current camera grip accessory for iPhone


The Live Action Camera Grip has a contoured, soft-touch design and fast-fire shutter button, giving your iPhone or iPod Touch a digital camera feel. Separate buttons for photo and video let you easily switch from taking stills to recording live action. When you have a pic or clip you want your friends to see, intuitive on-screen controls let you upload your special moments directly onto Facebook or into an email-without having to open another program.


Belkin's patent was filed in Q2 2012 and published in Q4 2012. Pretty cool considering that one of the designs have already turned into a viable product.


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