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Sept 05, 2012 - Rumor - Apple may Shift Processor Orders away from Samsung
During the Credit Suisse Asian Technology Conference held in Taipei today, Randy Abrams, Credit Suisse's head of equities research in Taiwan, stated that "Apple may place most processor orders using the advanced 20-nanometer technology to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. rather than Samsung" sometime in 2014.


According to the report, Credit Suisse has stated that Apple and Samsung are "locked in an escalating mobile industry war," which would lead Apple to place foundry and more component orders to Taiwanese suppliers from Samsung including printed circuit boards. 


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Well moving to TSMC will incur quite a price hike, as well as having to rub shoulders with the rest of the desktop big boys like Intel, Nvidia and so on that almost exclusively use TSMC.

Unless Apple can foot that bill and drive up seriously large orders they are likely to have to sit behind the big boys and get access to the new nm processes last.

Which is no biggie really, because they want 20nm in 2014 and intel have 13nm now.

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