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Hong Kong Grants Apple Several Siri Related Design Wins

1. Hong Kong Grants Apple Several Siri Related Design Wins
China's Hong Kong IP Department has officially published a series of ten Apple Inc. registered designs which are the equivalent of US granted design patents. All ten of the designs relate to Apple's iOS intelligent personal assistant feature branded Siri. Siri is included on modern iDevices such as the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad (Gen 3), and the new iPod touch (Gen 5). Apple's designs cover both the Siri logo and user interface.  


2. Siri Design wins - for UI


Apple's design wins are covered by registered numbers 1200600-7M001- 7M010. Apple submitted all of their designs to the Hong Kong IP Department in April 2012 and received registered status late Friday, September 14, 2012. All of the designs are protected until April 2017.


In light of the $60 million-mess that the iPad trademark caused them, we could understand that Apple is trying to trademark everything that they can early and carefully in foreign countries.


3. Siri Design wins - for UI and Logo



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