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Select 2013 Ultrabooks to Incorporate Intel's Wireless Charging

1A. Select 2013 Ultrabooks from Intel to Incorporate wireless charging
According to a new Asian report that was published this morning, Intel will be testing out a new wireless charging technology that they developed for their 2H 2013 Ultrabook and smartphone architectures. Intel's wireless charging solution uses an Ultrabook as the power source paired with related software and a transmitter to wirelessly charge a smartphone. According to Intel's data, the solution will feature lower power consumption and does not require the phone to be put in a very specific position. Sources state that the new technology may only appear in a few models initially. It's unknown at this time if Apple will work with Intel to bring this technology to MacBooks and the iPhone in the future. To date, Apple patents have shown that they've toyed with their own Inductive charging technologies over the years and even have two granted patents on this front (see one and two). A final solution has yet to emerge. 






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