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1 - Apple files for Siri's introductory Sensory Mark
The US Patent & Trademark Office has published Apple's sensory mark application 85609317 that uniquely represents the sound that's associated with turning on the iPhone's Siri feature. Apple's application states that the mark consists of a sound mark consisting of a rapid two-tone repetition for the note C#. Apple has filed their sensory mark under four International Classes to protect their mark. Some of what's covered in these classes includes computers, electronic devices, voice recognition, social networking, advertising and reservation systems for such matters as hotels and restaurants. Of course you could always use Siri to assist you with your dinner date or for just ordering in soup on a rainy day. Whatever you use it for, it all begins with Apple's two-tone sensory mark.  


Apple's Trademark Application In-Part


2 Apple's application in-part for Sensory Mark Trademark


International Class Details for Siri's Sensory Mark


Apple's Sensory Mark is covered by four International Classes. Some of what they cover is noted below:


International Class 009: Computers; computer peripheral devices; computer terminals; computer hardware; computer gaming machines; computer monitors; cameras; digital format audio players; personal digital assistants, electronic organizers, electronic notepads; handheld electronic game units adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; handheld digital electronic devices and software related thereto; electronic communication equipment and instruments; telecommunications apparatus and instruments; telephone-based information retrieval software and hardware; mobile digital electronic devices; global positioning system (GPS) devices; telephones; voice recognition apparatus; digital voice recorders; wireless communication devices for voice, data or image transmission and more.


International Class 035: Advertising, marketing, and promotion services; promoting the goods and services of others; design, creation, preparation, production, and dissemination of advertisements and advertising material for others; mobile phones, handheld mobile digital electronic devices, and other consumer electronics, computer software, and accessories, peripherals, and carrying cases for such products, via the Internet and other computer, electronic and communications networks; subscription services, namely, providing subscriptions to text, data, image, audio, video, and multimedia content, provided via the Internet and other electronic and communications networks; providing downloadable pre-recorded text, data, image, audio, video, and multimedia content for a fee or pre-paid subscription, via the Internet and other electronic and communications networks; advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid


International Class 043: Hotel reservation services; restaurant reservation services; travel agency services, namely, making reservations and booking for temporary lodging; concierge services; sommelier services; providing information, advice, news, reviews, and commentary in the fields of dining and accommodations for travel.


International Class 045: Online social networking services.



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