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Apple's iPad 2 Wins 13 Industrial Design Patents in China

1 - Apple wins 13 industrial design wins for iPad 2 in China
Late yesterday, China's Hong Kong IP Department granted Apple thirteen new design patents relating to the iPad 2. The designs cover Apple's Black, White and 3G iPad 2 models in a series of both photographic and illustrative design styles. Apple has dramatically revved up their legal machinery in China this past year as the stream of granted design patents have dramatically risen. Just in September alone Apple was granted 40 design wins for iOS graphic elements, the MacBook Air and even their Shanghai Apple Store architecture. With Apple having accused Samsung of "slavishly- copying" its market-leading iPhone and iPad, every industrial design patent victory for iOS devices is another arrow in Apple's legal quiver.  


Apple Wins 13 Design Wins for iPad 2: Patent Figures Series 1


The entire set of 13 design wins for the iPad two were originally filed in July of this year and granted on November 04, 2011. The actual number series covering the designs is listed as being 1101146.3M001 through to 1101146.3M0013. All of the iPad 2 designs are protected until July 2016. Below you'll find a random mix of iPad 2 design patent figures.


2 - China grants Apple 13 design wins iPad 2 - series 1

Apple Wins 13 Design Wins for iPad 2: Patent Figures Series 2


3 - China grants Apple 13 design wins iPad 2 - series 2

Apple Wins 13 Design Wins for iPad 2: Patent Figures Series 3


4 - China grants Apple 13 design wins iPad 2 - series 3

Apple's push to register their industrial product designs in China has been so strong this year that it warrants a new Patently Apple Trend Watch Archive. We could have that up as early as later today. Update: Here's the new Design Patents: China Archive


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