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1 - Apple Wins Patents Multi-Touch + Camera Latch with a twist
The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 15 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. The two patents that easily stood out from the pack this morning include another Multi-Touch patent for Apple's legal war chest and a unique illuminable MacBook camera latch patent that reveals a twist that could definitely play out at some point in the future. We conclude our report with a real heartbreaking moment caught on film at this year's WWDC with Steve Jobs.  


Apple is Granted another Multi-Touch Related Patent


Apple has received a Granted Patent that relates to panels used as input devices for computing systems, and more particularly, to the detection and processing of touch events (the touching of one or more fingers or other objects upon a touch-sensitive surface).


2 - Apple, Multi-Touch Patent, 09.11.11 

Apple's First Claim: An apparatus for generating an image of touch on or about a touch-sensitive surface, comprising: a touch panel, the touch panel including a plurality of touch sensors configured for detecting one or more touch events; and a plurality of receive channels couplable to the touch panel for generating values representative of detected touch events, at least some of the plurality of receive channels comprising: (i) a charge amplifier connectable to the multi-touch panel; (ii) an anti-aliasing filter connectable to the charge amplifier; and (iii) a successive approximation register digital-to-analog converter (SAR ADC) connectable to the anti-aliasing filter, the SAR ADC configurable to convert an analog waveform into a digital representation using a binary search and outputting the digital representation to an output register.


To review Apple's other 12 patent claims and invention detailing, see granted patent 8,035,622. Apple credits Steve Hotelling and Christoph Krah as the inventors of this patent which was originally filed in Q1 2008.


Apple Wins a Patent for Illuminable Camera Latch … With a Twist


Apple has received a Granted Patent that relates to a laptop computer and more particularly to a camera latch that is incorporated into a laptop computer. Yet there's a twist to this patent; almost a disconnect. One of the key attributes discussed throughout this patent yet not mentioned in their claims is that the MacBook's lid is designed to pivot. This could be a hidden gem in light of the fact that Intel's third generation Ultrabooks, that are scheduled for release in 2013 with their Haswell processor, are to introduce a pivotal notebook lid that will be used to form a tablet computer. 


In context with Apple's previously granted patent regarding a notebook-tablet combo device, we see that Apple will be able to challenge future Ultrabook functionality if they so desire.


3 - illuminable Camer latch with a twist 

To review Apple's 19 patent claims and invention detailing, see granted patent 8,035,481. Apple credits Christoph Krah as the sole inventor of this patent which was originally filed in Q3 2009.


Other Granted Patents Published Today


Granted Patent 8,036,689 titled: "Method and apparatus for distributing messages to mobile recipients." Apple's invention relates to a method and an apparatus for distributing communications to mobile recipients – in context with advertising.  


Granted Patent 8,036,894 titled: "Multi-unit approach to text-to-speech synthesis." Apple's more up-to-date patents on text-to-speech could be found here and here.  While some think that the 2006 patent means that Apple is out to replace Nuance, I think it's the other way around. Apple was unable to deliver on this front in a timely manner and has made the decision to integrate a Nuance related solution. Of course, in time, anything is possible.


The Remainder: 8,037,401 Method and apparatus for allowing a media client to obtain media data from a media server; 8,037,220 Techniques for providing audio for synchronized playback by multiple devices; 8,037,132 Methods and apparatuses for transferring streaming multimedia data and various types of data associated therewith in a network environment; 8,037,021 Calendaring techniques and interfaces; 8,036,851 Activity monitoring systems and methods; 8,036,766 Intelligent audio mixing among media playback and at least one other non-playback application; 8,036,378 System and method of authentication; 8,036,267 Rate control for video coder employing adaptive linear regression bits modeling; 8,036,061 Integrated circuit with multiported memory supercell and data path switching circuitry; 8,035,666 Dynamic backlight adaptation for black bars with subtitles; and finally granted patent 8,033,695 for an active enclosure for computing device which is Apple's second such patent in a little over a week. Apple was granted another patent on this last week.


Flashback: A Real Heartbreaking Moment


4 - Flashback, a heartbreaking moment at WWDC 2011 

When flipping through a number of photos of Steve over the last few days I came across this heartbreaker from the San Francisco Chronicle. I was mesmerized by the photo. It's a photo with and worth a thousand words. I can't see that photo without thinking that Steve knew at that very moment that his WWDC keynote would be his last. Thanks for being such a strong leader until the end, Steve. Your passion for all-things-Apple will never be forgotten.


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