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Apple Gains iPod Touch & Nano Design Wins in China

1 - Apple Gains iPod Touch and Nano Design Wins in China 
As part of Apple's lawsuit against Samsung we learned that Apple had entered evidence in their complaint involving patent 7,812,828 along with trademarked designs of the iPhone and a series of icons. Clearly design patents carry weight with the courts in respect to protecting Apple's look and feel of a product. Today, Patently Apple has learned that Apple has gained registered status for their iPod Touch and iPod nano designs in China.  


Apple Gains iPod Touch with Duo Cameras Design Win in China

2 - Apple Gains iPod Touch with Duo Cameras Design Win in China 

China's Register of Designs In-Part for Apple's iPod Touch and Nano


3 - China's Register of Designs for Apple's iPod Touch and Nano 2011 

Apple Gains iPod Nano Design Win in China


4 - Apple Gains iPod Nano Design Win in China - May 2011 

Icons Presented as Evidence in the Apple vs. Samsung Case


5 - Apple Icons used in Apple vs. Samsung Lawsuit - 2011 

It should also be noted that China recently approved eleven additional iPod Nano design patents.


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Background Details of Apple's Icons: Settings, Phone,  Photos, iTunes, Contacts and Notes.  




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